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Kenshinkan Aikido Training & Practice

There are four main types of practice that we engage in.

1) Kata-: This is the method that we use to first learn a system of techniques (Waza) and counter techniques (Keashi-waza).

2) Ninin-Dori-: An unarmed form of free play (Randori) that involves three persons each of whom take the role of being the defender against the other two, they are assessed on the variations of the techniques also their general reaction under both physical and psycological stress.

Tanto-Randori-: Where both participants take turns of both attacking and defending using a wooden or rubber knife (tanto).

The defender gets points awarded from avoiding the attack and skilfully applying a technique so as to neutralise the attacker.

The attacker scores points by striking on the target area which is any part of the defenders torso between the shoulders and the waistline.

Randori-(Kyogi)-: two unarmed players compete against each other and attempt to score points by the skilful application of techniques. If a player scores twice before the time is called he/she is awarded the contest.

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