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Shodokan Or Tomiki Aikido

Tomiki Aikido, sometimes referred to as "Sport Aikido". The Tomiki style differs from the other schools of Aikido by having competitive tournaments as a method to test ones ability and the effectiveness of techniques. It is not compulsory to take part in competition however as it represents only a part of overall training.

Competition usually consists of bouts where the participants take turns to attack the other with a soft tanto (knife). The defender attempts to avoid the strikes and score points by throwing the attacker.

Tomiki Aikido consists of soft and flowing techniques and is therefore suitable and effective for both men and women of all levels of fitness.

Tomiki Aikido was founded by - Kenji Tomiki (1900-1979)

Tomiki used the name Shodokan. The style is still often referred to as 'Tomiki Aikido'

8th Dan in Judo and the first to be awarded 8th Dan in Aikido in 1942, he used his knowledge of Judo to introduce to Aikido a system of Katas (set movements), and also competitive Aikido, both as learning tools. Training methods have evolved from its traditional origins but the principles involved have been kept the same.

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