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Tony Russell-Ward
Senior Sensei, Godan, 5th Dan JAA

Tony Russell-Ward

Tony was responsible for starting the first Aikido dojo in Sheffield in the early 70s which then was located at the Sheffield Judo Club on Bradfield Road in Hillsborough. It was in February 1979 that a young David Fielding and Nick Baker came to start Aikido.

The club was then called Sheffield Tomiki Aikido Club and had some 35 regular members and we met on a Tuesday night and a Saturday afternoon with the Police Dojo on a Wednesday evening which is still the case today.

The dojo has strong links with Japan and Tony regularly journeys there to further his own knowledge.

Tony has a personal Budo profile with a long list of prominent Japanese Sensei's suffice to say he has practiced Aikido since 1970 and Judo since 1964.

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