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How to sheath a sword

Shidokan Basic Syllabus Shidokan Kihon

Right posture – do not move the feet. Bring the tip backwards to the left hip and sheath it in the left hand which is held at belt height. The left hand closes round the sword just below the right hand. The edge of the sword should now be facing upwards. Keep posture and step forward with left foot to bring the feet together. At the same time slide the right hand to the end of the hilt and off to drop down to the right side. Step back with left foot, the right foot to bring the feet together again. At the same time, lower the left hand from belt height to the thigh, keeping Sageto posture.

How to pick up a Sword from seiza

Pick up the sword with both hands about the middle, left hand palm down, right hand palm up. Stand it on its tip, edge facing inwards. Hold at where the guard would be with the left hand as though it was a sheath. Bring it to the belt, stand up normally and drop the sword with tip pointing downwards, arm relaxed (Sageto). Return to original position and face Tori ready for the first technique.

How to pick up a Stick from Seiza and How to start the Attack

Pick up the stick with both hands about its middle, left hand palm down, right hand palm up, and stand it on its end. Holding the stick with right hand only, stand up and carry it vertically about hip height. Go to original position facing Tori.

Two ways to start attack:

Turn body slightly to right, about 45°, always watching Tori’s face. Raise the right hand slightly to about the height of the mouth, cover the right hand from above with left hand and grasp the stick. Slide right hand down to end of the stick. Step forward with left foot, sweeping the stick in a circular movement anticlockwise so that the tip is pointing at Tori’s belt. Always keep the stick horizontal.

Step forward with left foot and bring the stick forward to horizontal position. Bring left hand over to grasp the stick at the point where the right hand is gripping it, transfer the right hand to the end of the stick near the hip.

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