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Tony Russell-Ward - Budo CV

Tony Russell-Ward has given practical seminars to the following organisations and authorities and in some cases the training is ongoing.

The Parachute Regiment.
5 Airborne Brigade.

The Intelligence Corp’s.
4th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment.
23 Squadron Special Air Service.
South Yorkshire Police.

States of Jersey Police C I.
Sheffield University Officer Training Corp’s (SUOTC).
Saint Pauls RC Secondary Modern School Sheffield.
Rowlinson Secondary Modern School Sheffield.
Granville College of Further Education Sheffield.
Sheffield Polytechnic College.
Sheffield Hallam University Aikido Club.
Waseda University Aikido Club Tokyo Japan.
Seikiryukan Dojo Fukuoka Japan.
Shidokan Dojo Imabari Japan.
Kikuma Dojo Imabari Japan.
Girl Guides
Womens Institute
Boy Scouts


These are just a snap shot of some of the organisations and groups who have engaged Tony’s experience in using Aikido and Judo for self protection.

He has also fulfilled the role of personal body guard to a number of famous people.