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What can Aikido do for you?

Practicing Aikido can help improve your:

1 - Co-ordination – the aim of Aikido is to make the body move in harmony (as one unit) thereby generating great power in techniques by seemingly graceful movement;

2 - Fitness levels – the more one practices the more one’s fitness level will improve;

3 - Focus in daily life;

4 - Strength – as people are partnered and have to perform the role of aggressor, or by receiving the attack;

5 - Suppleness – Aikido is excellent for improving the body’s suppleness through gentle movement incorporated into the general techniques and exercises that are practiced;

6 - Concentration – as one’s fitness improves so does one’s mental ability;

7 - Alertness on and off the training area;

8 - Self confidence around others;

9 - Posture – in order to effectively apply a technique one must have a good posture;

10 - Relaxation – once a good posture has been attained the skeleton naturally allows the body to use its necessary muscles and organs to their maximum potential without causing excessive strain. As one’s posture improves during training the student will find that this also occurs during daily life, thus improving one’s health tremendously.